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Decommissioning Well

Water Well Decommissioning Services in Southwestern & Central Ontario

Highland Water Well Drilling Inc has many years of experience decommissioning unused water wells by sealing, plugging and filling them. Old abandoned water wells can pose not only an inconvenience, but also a hazard to local groundwater if left exposed. Wells that are not constructed properly or are abandoned provide a path into underground water and aquifers. They can have runoff that carries organic waste, chemicals and other environmental pollutants that can leach into the drinking water supply. Ground water, once it is contaminated is difficult and costly to clean up.

Rely on our expertise for proper well decommissioning - for more information contact us today.

Well Abandonments

Licenced under the Ministry of Natural Resources, we have been involved in a range of drilling projects. Specializing in oil and gas well abandonments, we have the experience you need for well decommissioning.


Water Well Drilling

As licensed drilling contractors, we

provide services for residential, agricultural

and industrial clients

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